The Latino League of Supremacy 1914

Forum designed as communication system for the Latino League
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 General Information

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PostSubject: General Information   Thu Dec 17, 2015 12:05 am

Members List:
Estados del Atlantico
Venezuela Amazonas
West Amazonas

1. This is a Military and Economic Alliance. Members maintain an independent foreign policy, but the Latino League supersedes all other diplomatic agreements.
2. It is expected that members will work together militarily, plans will be posted on this forum.
3. Economically we will work together to ensure a profitable dispersion of resources.
4. Following the admission of a 5th member, all future membership will be subject to the unanimous approval of the alliance.
5. We operate on democratic principles as a loose confederation of states, all strategies will be discussed here in detail and decided by majority rules.

1. In-Game inactivity will not be tolerated. Anyone who goes inactive without prior notification will be removed from the alliance.
2. Do not backstab an alliance member, pretty straight forward.
3. Be civil, we are all experienced enough online to know how to play properly.
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General Information
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